Redecorating the Blog

From time to time I get the urge to redecorate. My family knows this about me. I look around and I decide it is time for a change.

The blog has been given a facelift and I hope you like the look. A wider field should allow for bigger photographs and that has been a long time goal.  Remember that clicking on any image will bring you to a slide show of all the images in a given post.

Also, there are now 9 cameras that take you inside and outside the Light; five of them should be available even in a power outage. As noted before, I took advantage of some abandoned wiring to bring the connections into the Cottage where I can supply power from a generator.

I would be remiss if I didn\’t mention the renaming of two additional cameras for the late Henry \”Hank\” Stahr. I have been researching a weather station to add to the web cams and found that I could add two cameras as easily as the weather station. I have not given up hope on adding it,
but I am determined to be fussy and unhurried on that choice.  The note at the top of the page explains the two new connections and the password for all the cameras.  Hope that you like them.

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