A Few Clips from the Afternoon

Got a few short videos of the afternoon as it unfolded. Running the generator now with fingers crossed as the temperature drops. I did go out and move some of the slushy snow from the driveway as best I could. It will be very icy down at the end but I think I will be able to maneuver through it with a some ice melt help. The tic, tic tic you hear is the flag pole line banging on the Tower. I have a few others that I will include in a later post.

2 responses to “A Few Clips from the Afternoon”

  1. wow, what else can be said! Be safe Bob, jules and Haley Love C


  2. Wow, that's some nor'easter! Thanks for sharing (my dad would have really appreciated these) — be safe and take care – I hope your generator holds up! Carol (Stahr) Savage


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