Wind Coming Up

We are expecting some wind and snow today. The wind has come first. The Minot camera has been knocked out of focus by the shake of the Tower in these gusts. All the others are on line but might be blurry from the rain.  The weather station is reporting 3 inches but that strikes me as a glitch. There is a little warning sign on my station screen that tells me that number is flawed. It has been a relief to have the temperature improve from the teens to the thirties. Humidity in the house was very, very low and you could feel  the loss in your skin and throat.  The biggest gust recorded thus far has been 39 miles per hour.  The predicted tide could go over 14 feet which will test the big sea wall. I expect the smaller of the two jetties to take the biggest beating. The stones stacked on the end are in pretty shaky condition already. I have taken a \”Before\” picture in case there is an \”After\”

The top image comes from today. The bottom is yesterday. 

This shot is also from yesterday when ice had nearly covered the whole of the harbor. The image below is from New Year\’s Eve when the latest Supermoon was captured by the Looking East camera.

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