Just Getting Around To It Now

Power has been out since 1:00 Thursday and while I have had the generator running (God Bless It) the internet access has been out since 3:00 only returning in the wee hours of the morning.  I will take the chance to add in the clips I mentioned in the last post. One of them might be my masterpiece.

 National Weather Service is marking this tide as equal to that of the Blizzard of 78. I knew I loved this seawall; I may not known just how much. As you will see there is a lot of water. And Birds.

Around 1:00 am two good size front end loaders cleared a track off Cedar Point. They piled it up a little on me at the end of the driveway but nothing insurmountable. I was able to kick it down and can get Haley to work in the morning. More importantly I will be able to get out and get more gas if need be. National Grid has a posted time of 7:00 am to restore power to Lighthouse Road. Somehow Rebecca Road never lost the juice. If that company can get the job done then this one will be behind us and the aftermath will be dealing with deeply cold temperatures for a day and a half.

I will also have to reset all the cameras when this event has played itself out. When power is lost there is a chain reaction that leads to all the settings that allow folks to access this site to be wiped out.  I used the cameras a lot today and will be posting some of those pictures when I get them assembled in a sensible pattern.

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