The Best of Times

This is the ideal time of year here. There is a pace to the days which is so much more healthy than the scramble of the summer and the wondering of the winter. The spring always sees so much to tend to (all enjoyable) and at a breakneck pace again. The fall is more leisurely.

Storm windows are down and a great number of windows got washed when that happened. That good look only holds up until the next wind comes up but it is a good feeling all the same. The kayaks have been strapped up in the basement and bit by bit the summer furniture is cleared from the yard so that there will be room for the boardwalk in a months time. I ran the generator a little bit longer last weekend to see that it got a good run before we really need it. I dialed back the timers for the Light and for the parking lot too. The hoses were put away and I began to cut back some flowers. The daisies have begun to pop to put an exclamation point on the gardens.  Autumn is good.

Each of these pictures gives you another slice of the fall. In the top shot you get a sense of all the color that arrives when we have a red sky at night.  There are still a good number of boats in the harbor and the picture gets about 20 percent of what the naked eye saw that night. It was amazing.
In the bottom shot a wet suit clad neighbor walked down from First Cliff and went fishing off a stone 40 yards offshore. At first I thought he was a surfer until he wasn\’t riding anything in. He was out there two nights and I had a guest come up to the house worried he had somehow become marooned. Because I had seen him walk in the night before I settled our guest\’s nerves and sent him along. I don\’t think any fish were caught.
October knocks and we let it in. It is the best time here.

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