Best Winter Ever

When I think back to a year ago and the mess that 9 high tides had made, and when I look around today at how clean and ready for Spring we are, I am thrilled to know that I have a lot of available hours that I might have had to use cleaning up.

This spring will see some sweeping and some splitting and replanting of perennials, but that is small potatoes compared with what we were up against last year. I was wearing out wheel barrows and rakes to try to get the beach back to a width where it might bear the boardwalk. This year there is one small hole to fill; otherwise all is well and strong back willing the boardwalk will go in for Patriots Day instead of Memorial Day.
I may mess around with one of the cameras as well to get a shot from the front of the Tower looking both out and down. It is the only blindspot we have here and I think I have figured out a way to fix it.
Sum it up as the best winter ever. All good here on what would have been my dear grandfather\’s 128th birthday. Thank goodness for Patrick Delaney. 

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