Thanksgiving 2020


Hasn\’t this been a run of days? Months? Whew.

School is back in session and I am back in place in front of students for four of the five days with one set aside for remote learning, planning, and correcting. There is a good deal of anxiety present in the adults I work with but the students are more frustrated and confused than anxious. The routines of the school year are strong tent poles for their lives. The prolonged election brought its own anxieties and confusion. Whew.

Around the Lighthouse things quieter than they were all summer but for an ongoing sewer improvement project. The course of action for the cottage has not been determined yet and there is a chance that there won\’t be any digging or replacing of the lateral to the sewer main. I am crossing my fingers as providing a new lateral would mean digging up the sidewalk that runs by the north side of the house and the likelihood of it being replaced with one of equal quality is small. 

The whole of this sidewalk up to the Etrusco stone would be torn up if the lateral has to be replaced. The contractor is seeking to avoid that by checking the line with a camera fed in from the main. Cross your fingers that this will find a solid pipe in no need of replacement.

The most unusual event of the last few months was the landing of a hawk in the yard and its capture and vivisection of one of the seemingly million rabbits that have come to nest in the rose bushes and (I think) under the stacked boardwalk. 

Julie got this amazing photograph.

What she did not see and what I will not share was that the hawk had captured a rabbit and is resting on top of it.  The hawk moved to the boardwalk with its prey and proceeded to recreate a scene from a horror movie. We got some pictures of that too but this is a family show.  Cleaning up the mess was a task that fell to yours truly and I don\’t recall that responsibility on the original agreement when we moved in.

Tomorrow or Saturday will be the day for the wreath to go up on the Tower for the Christmas season. I will put up a finger and judge the wind. The ropes are ready to go and I think I will rerig the bow to last for more than two weeks this year. Come on back here as I will be posting pictures as the process unfolds.

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