Getting Ready with A Step Back

The cameras that were based in the lantern room have gone into hibernation in order that the Trustees can evaluate the room in order to restore it to full health. 

The only source of power in the Tower is in the Lantern room. I had tried to bring in a source lower down but that effort can be considered a casualty of the pandemic. With the Tower off limits for so long our electrician moved on to other jobs. 

There were evaluators here yesterday and I recognized, (even if they were too polite to say it) that the power strip and the other wires used to bring the cameras to life were obstacles to what they were trying to do. This morning it got cleaned up but in the process 8 of the cameras went off line. 

The Jetty, the Harbor, the South Jetty, the Inside, the Looking North, the Looking South, Minot, and the Seawall were all based off a router found at the top of the second stair. This network was the son of a town project to bring wifi to the parking lot and to the boats on moorings. When that initiative was pulled out by the Town I used the wiring to build the wider network of cameras.

So lets hope that this is only temporary. Perhaps a more clean way of installing the links will be part of the renovation process. There are still 7 cameras covering a lot of the angles. I will be working on turning the Looking East camera so that it pans along the seawall. That is a shot that is really valuable in a storm and I will do my best to bring it back. 

I also have cameras that shared through the blog that pan that way and also cover along the Jetty. Those are down as well but I am going to figure out a way to bring them back up and at least have those photographs and short videos to share.

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