Because I am Still Grateful

 Work will continue on the Lantern Room project today. A vendor will take a look this morning. 

I spent a good part of the day yesterday trying to figure out ways to relight some of the web cams. 

The funds that were donated to buy those cameras came in large part from the Stahr family and I do not take that for granted. I would like to see as many back on as I can rig without being in the way of the priority project which is first shoring up the lantern room in anticipation of the winter, then moving to a more long lasting rebuild of the structure with new frames and copper cover. I remain very grateful for their donations and want to see those donations realized and not set aside.

This look is what I came up with yesterday.

This is a rafters view of the runway between the Cottage and the Tower. I will be cleaning up those rafters later in the day and this could be slightly adjusted as a result. For now it is another way for guests to the blog to see what is happening during a tour. There are panels with different stories of the history here, along with several tablets running video and digital slide shows.
There are now four shots missing from what was here before: the Minot camera, The Jetty camera, the Looking North Camera, and the Looking South camera. 
Bringing back a shot of Minot would be a challenge. I have an outside chance of doing it.
Bringing back the others is not as much of a priority as some of the cameras in place cover the angles with a twist.
What I will work on is finding other shots. The ideal would be to somehow cover the front of the Tower and I give those odds to be 50/50. That could happen.  Keep coming back to see.

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