Just another Night in Paradise

1:55 am

I have been wondering if I am turning into a vampire.

I never much liked garlic; I never much minded blood; I am not allowed to sleep at night.

At 11:00 last night 4 or 5 cars in the parking lot emptied to a good deal of shouting. As the parking lot was just graded in anticipation of repaving, there are three large machines parked on one border. There were pictures taken and climbing on those machines. I was asleep and then I wasn’t. This treat ended after about twenty minutes.

At 1:45 I heard voices outside on the walkway up to the front of the Tower. This is common and it is a nuisance and I go out pretty frequently as I have reported in the past to get the visitors to either leave or take it down a notch.

Going to the bedroom window I was surprised to see a small truck pulled up on the sidewalk all the way in line with the Etrusco stone. I heard someone say “Watch the sign.” That got me walking downstairs. This morning you can see the tire tread 15 inches from the sign.

I grabbed by phone as I headed out the door and took the photo that serves as header. I took a few others too.

Eric had put the truck half on and half off the sidewalk. It is 2:00am

I arrived as the truck reached the point you see in the first photograph. I was asked what I was doing. I replied that I came out to see the stupidest people in town. The driver (they called him Eric) then put the truck half on and half off the sidewalk. The guys in the rear jumped out of the bed, barefoot, to push. They told him to rock forward. He backed up. He got out and pushed forward and got the truck off. The passenger side rider stayed put.

I also took some video. We got a chance to exchange a few words. Eric thanked me for helping in a sarcastic tone and all I could think to myself was I wasn’t the damned fool who tried to drive around the Lighthouse at 2 in the morning. I know my the job description and I will help other damned fools but not all of them. You can hear my response as the video ends. (You will be going out to YouTube to watch this; then come on back; there is more to tell.)

The RealScituateLight@gmail.com You Tube channel – Genuises?

As I turned to come back into the house I was greeted by headlights coming down Lighthouse Road. I can’t know for sure but I believe one of the neighbors noticed this exercise and called the police. My last view of this gifted bunch was a cruiser following them down Rebecca. I thought of karma. If I wasn’t sleeping, the chance was they might not be either.

But, the night was not over yet. No, no, no, there was more to unfold.

At 3:15 as I was heading back upstairs to try to get back to sleep, there were suddenly flash lights shining all around the cottage and tower. There was a big light on the revetment. I got up again.

Going to the window that looks out on the handicap spots I saw a large SUV, maybe a Suburban. All the doors were open and 5 men of different sizes were standing by the open back gate. They all had lights on their hats and one or two may have had flash lights as well. This was a weird look to say the least.

It took a while to figure out what they were doing. Were they emptying out the car of something and why did they have the lights on their hats? One chased a plastic bag that blew across toward the wall. There was a light set on a cooler. One guy seemed to be doing all the talking while the others milled around. I thought I was watching Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction for a minute. Finally fishing rods came out, were leaned against the truck only to clatter over. That explained some but not all. They were not in a parking space after all. They were in the road and the car was on.

I went out again and asked if everything was all right. I reminded them that it was after 3:30 now and that while I never expected to get any rest again, (it was here that I began to wonder if I was a vampire), it was guys like them that made me pray for rain every night.

They were very quiet as they made their way to the jetty like the seven dwarfs heading off to work.

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