Keeping up

John Coscia has been by on consecutives weekends to do some siding. This is the wall outside the kitchen and bathroom. This is the side the takes the most weather and it needed tightening up. We look forward to winter mornings without a breeze after a shower.

The Tower has been shored up for the winter as well. Bob Chessia brought all the needed lumber and did most of the work, creating a brace for the Lantern Room prior to the most recent hurricane watch. This work was recommended by the engineer hired to evaluate the lantern room, Anne Gilbert of Rivermoor Engineering.

I am grateful to both of them for all the attention as the Historical Society resubmits an application for the funding of a rebuilding of the lantern room, a replacement of the copper cladding, and a restoration of the Tower to full health for another 100 years.

Our prior application was focused on replacing the copper on the Tower and did not take into account the weather worn nature of the lantern room. At that point the only symptom we had was that there was a good deal of leaking. Until Anne came on board I could not find an engineer interested in contributing to the project. I had called five of them only to find no takers.

One of the posts supporting the lantern room

There will be a second open house tour of the Lighthouse Tower on Sunday September 26 from 1:00 to 4:00. The Cottage will not be included on this tour as was the case during Heritage Days. I will be allowing guests to enjoy the stories in the runway and climb the 32 steps to the second landing where four windows allow a 180 degree view of the Great Atlantic ocean.

Something like this

Hope to see you come by.

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  1. Over the past several months, the Scituate Historical Society, in consultation with the Lighthouse Keeper, has been working hard at formulating a plan to repair and restore the lantern room. In addition to the work done by Bob Gallagher and Bob Chessia prior to the recent hurricane, the Society has hired Bob Steverman and Dave Frederick to perform further work to stabilize the room. Also, we have brought in an experienced lighthouse restoration expert to perform an in depth analysis of the existing conditions. They have suggested a method to restore the light as well as a cost projection. Based on this, and in consultation with the Town, we are submitting a funding request which will allow us to move forward on this project.


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