October is the best month here. Far more quiet and every bit as pretty. Here are a few snapshots from the month.

A cousin visit is always a highlight

We also had a cousin drop by; always a welcome event. She brought a very enthusiastic guest from Colorado and, though it was quick, it was great. We also got this shot below. A rare look at the Keeper and his wife at the house on a random Sunday.

First thing in the morning
The end of the same day

The gardens have been trimmed back this week and the boardwalk will be coming up soon. Battening down the hatches for another winter. The parking lot and roads have been paved following the big project to replace the sewer lines. Lines will go on any day now and I will get a picture from up top to show off the final result. The daisies are just going by but here is one last shot of the big show as they all bloomed together.

One response to “Snapshots”

  1. Beautiful pictures Bobby just beautiful, From another cousin.


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