2022 has its own Blizzard

Early in January we often see skies like the one above. You get up a little early and pull over in the Yacht Club parking lot and wonder if you could possibly count the colors. This is not today’s sky however.

We are at the end of January and that is blizzard weather. A historic gale is predicted and thus far the wind is steady but not brutal, the snow is adding up but not burying.

The photo above was taken at 5:00 yesterday. There wasn’t as much as a breeze and the harbor was as still as a dust in the attic. Overnight the wind came up and with it, snow and waves.

The news crews were here for the prelude. This is the symphony.

Wave washing over the revetment. There won’t be any wedding parties there today.

Later on will see the driveway cleared. One of the cars was moved off of the Point as a precaution against the end of the world storm that gets predicted on the news and sells a lot of milk and bread. I have gas at the ready to run the generator during a power outage but thus far we have only seen hiccups.

I will get some more photos later of the changes to the beach that come with every storm like this. Hopefully the wind and temperature will let me get out there without having to be so bundled up that I couldn’t hit a shutter button. 2022 has its own blizzard now. Another tale to add to the ledger of tales at Scituate Light.

5 responses to “2022 has its own Blizzard”

  1. Thanks for posting


  2. Thank you for the beautiful images and the beautiful poetic words. Makes me feel much less shut in!
    Keep warm you two!


  3. Thank you so much for posting so we can see without being there. Hope you stay safe and warm.


  4. Thank you for the post & may your family stay safe!


  5. Mike Thorne ( Worswick) Avatar
    Mike Thorne ( Worswick)

    Thanks for sharing glimpses of my hometown (SHS ‘77 here).
    I often hear of the blizzards (since ‘78) and check in from my South Shore Honolulu home to make sure all is well on the South Shore of Mass. Stay safe and keep warm: this will soon be another for the history books!


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