A Bright Day After

Early start today as power was restored in the wee hours and we moved quickly off the generator and back onto the grid.

The first was taken at 3:59 am. The second at 8:52 am.

This was not a difficult storm. The biggest challenge was the temperature (it is still only 14 degrees) but there were no frozen pipes, no loss of hot water, and no issues with starting and running the generator.

45 minutes in the driveway. The wind had moved most of it into big drifts.

My instinct is that the wind was not out of the northeast or was off just a few degrees to the north to push most of the snow fall out of the driveway. It took no time at all to clear what needed clearing. Often the end of the driveway is a battle with the plow push and the windblown snow creating a dam that calls for a steel edged shovel. Not today.

We will wait for the temperature to spin up and the drifts will go down. I will tuck away the generator and put the little bit of unused gas in the car. There will be another storm down the line and we will do it all again then.

4 responses to “A Bright Day After”

  1. Wow great pics and I’m soo glad something was easy about this blizzard!
    Thank you again


  2. Beautiful pictures that make me feel the chill all the way from Virginia! Believe it or not, I miss those New England winter storms. Thanks for sharing, Bob, and stay warm!


    1. We will get you up here in good weather one of these days. Glad to know you are looking out for me.


  3. Terrific photos, Bob. Thank you!


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