Remaking the Connections

The web cams are back on line.

I think I backed into success this time but access to the cameras has been restored. We had a brief power outage in the middle of the process caused by March type winds but perseverance is the key to life.

While I had this screen up I thought I might add in some of the recent news.

Below is a quick tour room by room.

One of many great skies as the weather has been as clear and dry as ever.
From the back step right before going to bed.

Instagram and Facebook followers got a chance to see this guest make a run for the marsh in a short video I posted. I will be adding it to the YouTube page any day now.

This photo was taken from the office with a cell phone. The schooner was at least 300 yards off shore.
An amazing moment as a baptism took place in the ocean this past Saturday. There was quite a bit of singing too which carried over the Harbor.
Took the kayak around the big jetty for a look at the house from another angle.
Coming home this way is not so bad.

I have walked out at night to quiet some groups down and even called the police on one night when 5 young ones walked out to the spindle and were making a ton of noise. A passing boat shouted at them they were so loud. Given how badly broken that jetty is, I was sure someone was going to break an ankle. They made their way back in an quietly made their way past the cruisers to their cars. Almost all of these groups are from out of town and don’t know the routine around here. If they are quiet, then there is no problem. Music that bounces the house around or being so loud that I wake up, that gets me out of bed and I run them off.

One night I went out and had a chat with a group and asked them to pass the word that the Keeper was a jerk and that staying away from the Light was the best choice this summer. I want that message on Snap Chat, Tik Tok, and Yelp.

The funding for the restoration of the lantern room is available and that project will begin for real with a visit from vendors on Wednesday. It will be a process and I am sure to learn a lot while it happens. I imagine that several of the cameras will have to be taken down along the way but while we have them I will try to keep them live.

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  1. bob I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to this restoration project.


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