A Month Later

Today’s project, (really the last two glorious, warm November days) was the boardwalk. It is in the yard and stacked for the winter. I rolled it up in record time even with a lot of conversation yesterday from visitors. The forearms take a beating on the two wheeler but the legs seem good.

I got an early start to try to avoid a crowd but a crowd was already there. Lots of folks out to see the sunrise on the unseasonable day. The pieces as you approach the tower are the heaviest; I try to get them out of the way while I am at the peak of my powers.

After only two hours I was around the corner. The empty area represents 15 of the 46 pieces. I was rolling. The wind was not a factor as when that arrives it is tough to rolls the pieces on the two wheeler.

I called it quits after 5 hours with much of the section that meets the parking lot done. The only headaches that emerged were bolts that needed to be sheared off when they were found to be bound. Vice grips get the job done.

Once I get the stacks made I draw a new map to let me know how I will roll things out in the spring. The stacks were different this year as I tried to leave a path should the lantern room need to be moved from its current spot. I know it is going to get wet at some point and have tied off the fence that was placed around it to see that the fence does not slam into it. I would have liked to see it moved to a spot by the Edgerton bell as I know that it would be free of the weather there.

And we are back to a rocky path until late April or early May. The baby carriages are still here though and fishermen are making their way out to the jetty to see what is biting. You have to love any November day when you don’t have to put the heat on.

7 responses to “A Month Later”

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  2. Well done Bob!


  3. A job well done‼️ Thank you for taking such good care of the Lighthouse.


  4. That’s a lot of work taking in the board walk. When is the lantern going back up.do you get any paranormal at the light house


    1. I am getting good at it at last. The lantern wont be back in place until next summer. No such thing as paranormal.


      1. I enjoy the webcams. What happened to the webcam looking towards the monot light. I miss seeing that one


  5. That camera had to come down when the lantern room came down. I have an even better one on the wish list when the Light is complete.


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