Update on Web Cams

I think, I think, that all but one of the cameras are online. The Inside the Tower camera remains down for reasons unknown. All the rest should be up and running. Continue to enjoy them and keep on coming back for sunrises, sunsets and wavy days.

6 responses to “Update on Web Cams”

  1. I think I finally figured out how to post comments! (you can delete my duplicate attempts elsewhere!) I just enjoyed a virtual walk by the lighthouse, thanks to you! I love “visiting” it in any weather. Refreshing & beautiful. Happy, healthy new year!


    1. Missy Frost Kamp Avatar
      Missy Frost Kamp

      Hi Bob, thanks for fixing the cameras. I live in San Clemente, CA and love viewing the beautiful scenery. Can you give the username and password for the Sunset camera? I believe that’s the only camera I cannot access. Thank you, Missy Frost Kamp Happy New Year!


      1. Hello there.

        Thanks for checking in. The password for the Sunset Camera should be the same now: User name: viewer Password: history


      2. Missy Frost Kamp Avatar
        Missy Frost Kamp

        Hi Bob, I have been able to see the live stream on the cameras and now I cannot. Any ideas? Thank you, Missy Frost Kamp


  2. HI bob at one time they had a web cam pointing towards minot light


  3. The Minot camera had to come down when the Lantern Room came down. The wires were in the way of the evaluators.


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