Got super cold yesterday and the old place held up just fine. Some of the summer work to tighten things up seemed to help the cause. The electric bill has gone through the sky (all the way to Mars) but the oil bill has been manageable. The quiet that comes with the cold is the real treat.

The bid package for the renovation of the lantern room is out and vendors visited on Wednesday to take a look. Last Sunday I sat at this desk and watched a gentleman walk the grounds with an arm full of blueprints. I had to guess that he was trying to beat the crowd. I should have gone out to talk to him.

I have been grateful to be able to offer a few thoughts and ask a few questions. A tentative plan has been created to fence off a good deal of the site in order to do the work safely. It does look like the boardwalk will be put back in place but without the stretch that approaches the Tower. It will dead end at the corner of the fence and the other pieces will remain in the yard. In the picture above that is the pile in the back left. Everything else will be rolled out in April. The many, many brides we get here will have to adjust their plans. The revetment will be off limits for a while.

I am gathering up a bunch of small pots to begin planting some seeds for the gardens. I have done my homework and found those plants that rabbits will not eat. I will get them started indoors in the next few weeks and have them ready for the beds by early May. I have not done this before but have always wanted to. I walk by a greenhouse in our school each day and that has given me the inspiration.

This will be the home to a bunch of new rabbit proof perrenials.

The 45th anniversary of the Blizzard of 78 is upon us and Thursday night I was among a group who shared a presentation on the storm. Thanks go out to Jean DiGiacomandrea, David Ball, and Paul Scott for their parts in the program. I had a blast. The highlight of the evening was Bill Ketter, formerly of the Patriot Ledger, sharing his tale of a very unusual first week on the job. He stole the show.

There was nothing like it. And so much changed because of it.

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