Inching Our Way There

I have heard through the grapevine that the Selectmen may choose be voting to award a contract on Tuesday night.

The bids needed to be submitted by February 23rd and I am told there were not many submitted. Should the Selectmen choose, they could go back out to the National Register and ask for new bids. I am hoping that does not happen as it would push the project out that much later in the year.

In anticipation of things moving forward I just took down two of the web cams that were attached to a lower window. The Harbor cam and the Jetty cam will be off line until a point in the future when just what kind of coverage with what kinds of cameras is determined. I am told the Harbormaster has an interest in placing a camera at the top of the Tower for surveillance of the harbor. I hope I get to be part of that conversation.

If a bid is awarded I would imagine the next step will be to fence off a significant area around the Tower. I did have some input into that part of the process and the boardwalk will be going back out but not in a complete form. If there is an upcoming wedding on your calendar Museum Beach might be a better destination.

Our neighborhood association has also reached out to the Scituate Police about the hours guests can park in the big lot. For a very long time there has been a notice that the lot closes at 9:00 but it has never been enforced in my time here. The Scituate Police Chief responded to the President of our association and said improved signage will be put in place and that his staff will be directed to better enforce the hours. If this happens it might be possible to have a night’s sleep this summer.

There will be one more camera that will need to be taken down in the near future to allow access to another window. The Seawall camera is placed inside a lower window looking north and I will be pulling back that Cat5 cable to allow that work to be down without any headaches.

Inch by inch we go. Lets hope that vote is able to be held on Tuesday.

I will miss this look.

2 responses to “Inching Our Way There”

  1. Lorraine Devin Avatar
    Lorraine Devin

    The Select Board approved the contract to move forward at their March 7th meeting!


  2. That is what we were all hoping here on Cedar Point. Thanks for the update.


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