Cleaning up Wires

The contractor hired to restore Scituate Light visited last Wednesday and that prompted me to get going pulling out wires for the different cameras that remained inside the Tower.

The Seawall Camera and the Inside the Light camera were the two that remained in place and I was able to pull them down and back out the Cat 5 cable that powered them with an assist from Julie. She climbed onto a window sill and wrenched a cable stay loose that freed up the last tie on the Seawall camera. After that it was a half hour of winding up cables and finding a place to store the bits and pieces that had them mounted.

Also coming in from the Tower was the fire call box that once had a spot on a phone pole in the parking lot. It is a true relic of an earlier time and I made sure it was not in the way of any potential work to be done.

All the cameras on the house remain with the Looking East and the Walkway covering some of what was covered by the Seawall camera. I have aspirations for cameras of a greater quality to be mounted up top and I will be advocating for them as the project unfolds.

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