Three Weeks In

The new year is off and more has gone right than has gone wrong. The old Lantern Room has not been pushed by a storm surge. I am told the bid package for the next one is near to being complete. The weather has been forgiving (meaning the oil bill has not been catastrophic) and not even a hint of flu has crossed the doorway.

One twist that I didn’t see coming was a good deal of condensation at the top of the Tower. Working on the Inside the Light camera (still not available; not sure why) I found a good deal of water. Returning a week later to vacuum from top to bottom, I found more. I shared this out with the Society and from there the word went to the project manager. Something to keep an eye on I guess.

There have been some colors around in the last few weeks. Sometimes you get them from the back step; other times I pull the car over on Jericho Road. Having the sun up when leaving for work gets the day off right.

Several weeks ago Jill West, resident caretaker at the Bates House, and I were asked to present on life at these two properties at the Maritime and Irish Mossing Museum. Last Sunday was our first foray and we go again next week. We had a small crowd but a very engaged crowd visit last weekend. The day flew by and I will be going again next Sunday to share some stories.

There is a new layout in the main cottage as the former office has become a proper den and the former den, the office. It is a very comfortable shift and took almost no time at all for everything to find a home. I am now surrounded by the Bates Sisters and images of the Cottage and Tower everywhere I go. I will have my eyes on the Downton Garden outside that center window and I have high hopes for it in this second season.

There will be a talk on the Blizzard of 78 on February 2 at the Grand Army Hall. I have been reworking prior efforts on this topic and will be joined by retired Society President David Ball. Come on by and get reminded of some dire days that were leavened by a generosity and courage.

One response to “Three Weeks In”

  1. Thank you Bob on keeping us informed on the latest at our decapitated beloved lighthouse. You are so good supplying us with updates and keeping us in the loop. Thanks Again…..


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